When we think of pests, we easily think of their probably damage to our properties like houses, offices, and other spaces. There is no doubting that the presence of pests could also mean unsanitary issues within a space. Apart from the possible property damages, there is also another aspect in pest infestations that every household should be alarmed of, and that is the possible health hazards that they pose.

Pest-related health risks can affect both children and adult, and may even lead to death when not addressed promptly. This is why health professionals are strongly advocating for a pest elimination annually. The diseases can be contracted not just by direct contact with pests but even from mere contamination of air or water. Save yourself and your family from these potential health hazards from pests:

  • Leptospirosis

This is one of the most common and easily contracted diseases from pests, which specifically comes from rodent urine. You see, at some point or another, a house will be infested by rodents, especially during certain seasons. With this, part of eradicating rodent is also ensuring that all their waste, urine and feces included are also completely eliminated from the area. Leptospirosis is a bacterial diseases that can quickly lead to death by causing liver or kidney failure. Exposure to contaminated water is one of the most common ways that people contract this disease.

  • Salmonella and Gastroenteritis

Ever experienced a stomach flu after eating from a seemingly dubious restaurant? This is just one of the efdownload-1fects of pest-contaminated food. Flies, cockroaches, and mice are all suspects in spreading a bacteria that causes upset stomach,
almonella and gastroenteritis, dysentery. These infections often come with fever and chills, and may lead to dehydration due to loose bowel movement. The bacterium or contaminant may even stay inside the intestine for an extended period of time without showing symptoms right away. With this, it is best to be always on the look out for sanitation especially when eating, since pests are not just hiding within your house.

  • Hantavirus

This is considered as one of the most fatal disease from mice. It attacks the respiratory system, and also causes hemorrhagic fever. When left untreated, these complications may lead to death. Hantavirus is spread from mice droppings, and can be carried by the dust around the infested area.

  • Dengue, Malaria, and Yellow Fever

These are just three of the most common diseases that can be spread from mosquitoes. While they manifest the common symptoms of fever and rashes, these types of complications have also been one of the leading causes of death among those infected. Anyone can be infected by the virus, as long as the area has a breeding ground for the carrier mosquitoes, and this includes your very own house. download

All these health risks are a reason enough to treat pests seriously. Apart from your usual sanitation routine around the house, it is also highly recommended to contact pest control company to fully rid your property from pests. The usual house cleaning can only do so much, given the many ways that these diseases are acquired and spread.