Is your house or your workplace suffering from pests? Regardless if you find problems with termites or vermin, it is imperative that you call the expert to solve your problem. There are many reasons why you want to call a pest extermination expert than rely on DIY solutions.

For one, handling pest extermination chemicals can be hazardous to you, your family or even your pets. If you are not trained to handle these chemicals, there is a possibility that things can backfire. Another reason to hire these experts is the fact that they have studied these pests. They know exactly how pests behave, and therefore they can solve the problems the most efficient way.

So how do you get the best provider in Malaysia? Here are some tips on how you can get the best in your area.

Are they qualified?

It is important to check if the company you are getting is even qualified to do the job. Keep in mind that this involves the use of chemicals. It is important that they have the necessary training and permits to operate within your house or within your workplace.


Another thing to consider is the price of their services. Not all companies offer competitive rates. Does that mean that the cheapest option is always the best? This shouldn’t be your mentality. Check other factors when it comes to getting the right company. There are times when the cheapest price may also give you substandard work.


It is important to know the reputation of the company you are going to get. Try looking at what other people have to say about the provider. It is crucial to know whether or not they have good experience with the company or not. If you can also ask your family and friends for recommended companies, that is going to be a good idea.


How many years are they doing their pest control services? Do they have employees relatively new to the industry? If it’s a relatively new company, do they have people who already worked for other companies as well?

Safety issues

You always need to consider safety issues. Does the company offer anything that lessens environmental hazards?

It is important to call the right company if you are having problems with pests. Unfortunately, not all companies in Malaysia are the same. Use these tips to get the right one for your home or your workplace.